Taking Pleasure Within The Beauty Of Restrained Ladies

Taking Pleasure Within The Beauty Of Restrained Ladies

Involuntary Intercourse Doll Transformation

Because the famous line from Hamlet goes, there are many more things in paradise and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. And also by “things” Shakespeare intended “fetishes.” OK, or possibly he didn’t — but we sure as hell do! Today we had been attempting not to ever get into the fetish pit that’s the dream of a lady that is involuntarily changed right into a intercourse doll (or, often, a sex doll’s little cousin, the hand-held pocket-pussy masturbation sleeves the Japanese call “onaholes”). We had been attempting not to ever fall under that fetish pit, but:

You could wonder what’s up with this particular intercourse doll change fetish, considering it’s not all that hard to buy your own lifelike and realistic sex dolls, ones that might be said to compare very favorably to fantasy-art dolls that have been drawn to emphasize how “doll-like” they are that we live in a world where. But needless to say it is folly to use way too hard to deconstruct any fetish; the libido desires just exactly what it desires.

Nevertheless it’s fairly simple to identify a number of the fetish “fun spots” right right here that overlap along with other fetishes. Like bondage, the love doll transformation fetish supplies the “deprivation of intimate agency” indisputable fact that women and men often both enjoy.

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