Stroke of Genius – Emit lives for a farm that is small of Milwaukee

Stroke of Genius – Emit lives for a farm that is small of Milwaukee

Making the town, and coming back once more to their roots. By abej.

The Million Dollar Question – There is the old, old question of “what would you will do for the million bucks? ”, it is my take and twist on that concern. By Shady Lady Julie.

Wheels – A carer gets it in by having a disabled guy and their companion dog. By Shady Lady Julie.

Witness Protection – A sequel to Animal save centering about what takes place to Roberta (Nikki Zoo) after she turns straight down the offer be effective in Mexico with Debbie. By Sheela B.

The Hungry Pet – A woman gets a unanticipated treat from her German shepherd. By John Reskind.

Strays Bitch – Julia decides to reduce her virginity to stray dogs. By Shady Lady. camcrawler

Le Club Taboo – After seducing her neighbor that is new into a 3rd person in this club is established. By phyllisroger.

Your dog Fucker – Ava—an orphan—sets down in search of her parents. She hence embarks for a mysterious and fantastical journey that leads her to Planet K-9, a globe populated completely by dogs. Rescued from death by one of these brilliant speaking dogs, Ava believes her fortune is evolving. That is she is actually a prisoner until she discovers. An unsuccessful escape attempt contributes to the absolute most perverse punishment of most. Intimate punishment. By Lexi Lust.

Any such thing Goes Wife – Wife is filmed placing big items in her cunt. Then her gf assists and each others are eaten by them pussy. They both fuck dogs, a good time is had by all. By stargazer.

The Bitch within the Barn – Patricia from “Deacon’s tale” continues to enter on with pets. By Ridden.

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